Management | Strategy | SEO | PPC

With more than eight years of experience leading a diverse set of initiatives, I am fully equipped to handle every aspect of your marketing process.  I have done product design, email marketing, PPC, SEO, Amazon, Kickstarter, creative team management, and much more.


UX/UI Design | Graphics | CAD | Data Analytics

I have a long history leading the design of both physical and digital products.  I have designed and developed everything from consumer electronics to mobile applications, websites, and even a storefront.


Reports & Dashboards | Analysis | Salesforce

I have spent the bulk of my career in the small business space, and have seen firsthand the powerful impact quality analytics can have on a business.  I have helped multiple companies develop key metrics from the ground up to analyze financial health, customer satisfaction, product performance, inventory planning, and more.


Swift | Kotlin | PHP | SQL

I am am a highly intuitive and versatile developer.  My specialty is native mobile applications and automation tools, but I am constantly developing new skills.  No matter how big or small, I am confident I can make your software dreams a reality.



Although I have never had the title, “Project Manager”, in any of my previous roles, I have frequently served in that capacity.

In my seven years with Waterfi, I led dozens of cross-department projects to launch new products, improve manufacturing processes, and improve company wide profitability.

In this role, I was responsible for creating goals and incentives, monitoring tasks and timelines, and leading planning/training meetings.



As part of my role at Waterfi, I was in charge of running the customer service team and strategies for more than seven years.

In that time, my team fielded more than 30,000 orders and 24,000 calls/emails EACH YEAR


I was the lead Salesforce Administrator for the entire company at Waterfi.  Our Salesforce implementation was used primarily for customer relationship management, but we also used it as the primary reporting system for our financial performance, customer happiness, product health, inventory, and more.

In this role, I developed Salesforce automations, objects, reports, and dashboards to manage more than 300,000 customers.

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