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Management | Analytics | Budgeting | Reporting

My history in analytics paired with my down to earth leadership style and diverse professional experience will equip your organization with the tools it needs to flourish.  Put simply, I know what it takes to grow a small business.  I love people and I love building tools, products, teams, and strategies that will make a difference in the lives of your customers.


UX/UI Design | Graphics | CAD | Data Analytics

I have a long history leading the design of both physical and digital products.  I have designed and developed everything from consumer electronics to mobile applications, websites, and more.


Management | Strategy | SEO | PPC

With more than ten years of experience leading a diverse set of initiatives, I am fully equipped to craft your entire marketing pipeline.  I have a background in product design, email marketing, PPC, SEO, Amazon, Kickstarter, creative team management, and much more.


Swift | Kotlin | PHP | SQL

I am a highly intuitive and versatile software engineer.  My specialty is native mobile applications and automation tools, but I am constantly developing new skills.  No matter how big or small, I can make your software dreams a reality.



Although I have never had the title, “Project Manager”, in any of my previous roles, I have frequently served in that capacity.

In my seven years with Waterfi, I led dozens of cross-department projects to launch new products, improve manufacturing processes, and increase company wide profitability.

In this role, I was responsible for creating goals and incentives, monitoring tasks and timelines, and leading planning/training meetings.


I have spent the bulk of my career in the small business space, and I have seen firsthand the powerful impact quality analytics can have on a business.

I have helped multiple companies develop key metrics to analyze financial health, customer satisfaction, product performance, inventory planning, and more.




As part of one of my past roles at Waterfi LLC, I was in charge of running the customer service team and strategies for more than seven years.

In that time, my team fielded more than 30,000 orders and 24,000 calls/emails EACH YEAR

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