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Over the last eight years of my career, I have designed and managed the creation of reports and dashboards to deliver quality insights into just about every aspect of our business processes.  

These reports were used to monitor and project financial performance, forecast inventory needs, evaluate product performance, and centralize customer satisfaction insights.

Reports & Dashboards | Salesforce | Excel & Sheets | SQL | Macros | Data Enter | Data Analytics


My love for both efficient business processes and software development has often has led me to a love for task automation. 

I have frequently identified time wasting activities and created powerful automations to improve task efficiency, or eliminate actions all-together.

Salesforce | PHP | SQL | Macros | Workflow Tools | Linux/Shell Commands



In my previous role at Waterfi, I had the privilege of co-leading the rollout of a lean manufacturing and inventory system company wide.  

The new system allowed us to continuously highlight and improve wasteful processes in our manufacturing and logistics processes.  It also allowed us to hold a much smaller amount of inventory, which lowered financial risks and sped up our product improvement lifecycles.

Lean | Training Material Creation | Group Presentations | Analytics



After taking over the shipping and logistics departments for one of my previous employers, it became apparent that we had not been appropriately handling the import and VAT payment processes for inventory that was held and sold within the EU.

I quickly updated our process to obtain compliance with all regulations.  Upon updating our registration, an automated audit was triggered.  I was able to successfully defend the audit, saving the company more the $200,000 in VAT back-payments & penalties.

European VAT | International Logistics | Data Analytics


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