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In 2019 I started Moat Technologies LLC with the dream of creating smart technologies that equip homeowners with the tools they need to keep their house safe from mold.  Having found mold in my own home, I needed an easy to use tool that would report temperature/humidity directly to my phone and send alerts if the climate wasn’t right where I wanted it.  With this goal in mind, the Moat Smart Climate Sensor product family was born.

Starting with an extremely small budget, I built every brand asset and company partnership on my own.  I handled product design, marketing, sourcing, negotiations, advertising, web development, software development, and a whole lot more.

Since starting the company, customers have purchased products from my Smart Climate Sensor line for a wide variety of applications beyond just mold prevention, generating revenues of more than $260,000. 

Product Development | Amazon & E-Commerce | Advertising | Sourcing | Negotiation | Budgeting | Reporting


In 2021 cryptocurrency markets around the world turned red hot.  Capitalizing on this growth, I quickly formed a business to partner with individuals throughout San Diego to deploy Helium cryptocurrency miners on their properties.  These miners utilize the Helium, LoRaWAN network to distribute telecommunications data for iOT devices and are rewarded with Helium’s HNT token.

Within a few months I negotiated agreements with twenty individuals to operate as many as thirty Helium miners.  In order to continue growing sustainable revenue the company is always adding new platforms for mining, staking, and participating in cutting edge cryptocurrency projects.

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Utilizing my diverse skill set, I offered consulting services from 2019-2020 to fill in revue gaps while I got my company (Moat Technologies LLC) off the ground.

During that time I designed and developed websites and marketing content for multiple companies in the real estate, medical, and consumer goods spaces. In addition to designing digital content, I helped create market growth strategies.  One great example is an advertising campaign I developed for a property management company that generated a 20% increase in recurring monthly revenue.

Lastly, I served as a temporary developer for BigFin’s DCSLinkStream mobile application to fix a backlog of application bugs, create software documentation, and add BLE drivers to link third-party peripherals with their platform.

B2B Client Management | Negotiation | Project Management | Budgeting



In today’s world, it is not uncommon to find electronics that are safe to take in the water.  However back in 2010 if you found one, it seemed like pure magic.  I joined the Waterfi team in 2011 to help bring this magic to swimmers around the world.  I played a pivotal role in growing our anual revenue to as much as $5 million dollars per year.

At our largest, Waterfi was a team of about 30 people.  For a company with rapidly growing revenues, this meant every employee needed to take on a constantly developing set of responsibilities.  Quickly rising to the top of the Marketing and operations wing of the company as Director of Customer Experience, I was responsible for a huge array of tasks and goals.

My team of up to 8 people created new products that generated a total of $11 million dollars, manage the experience of 30K+ customers annually, developed all customer facing software and internal automation tools, maintained our inventory and logistics systems, and a whole lot more. 

Product Development | Executive Management | Sourcing | Negotiation | Budgeting | Reporting | Customer Experience | Marketing | Project Management | Logistics


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