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Moat iOS/Android Apps

I am the sole developer of the Moat iOS and Android mobile applications.  The apps were developed natively using Swift and Kotlin to pair with my company’s Smart Climate Sensors.

Using the temperature and humidity data from each sensor, the app tracks the climate history, displays beautiful graphs of the data, and allows users to create custom alerts which notify them immediately if the temperature or humidity go outside their desired range.

Since launch, I have expanded the app to pair with our proprietary Wifi Smart Hub.  Utilizing Google’s Firebase platform, the app performs a two way sync with the Smart Hub, enabling customers to access data remotely and receive climate alerts from anywhere.

Swift |  Kotlin | Xcode | Android Studio | Object Oriented Programming | MVC | GIT Version Control | BLE | iBeacon | Firebase


Waterfi iOS App

I was the lead developer for a team of three that created the Waterfi companion app.  The app was designed to pair with our company’s Swim Coach and Swim Tracker devices. 

Using bluetooth, the app syncs with each device to send professionally guided swim workouts that audibly coach the user through each lap.  When the swims are complete, the user can pair with the app again to see their stats from the swim and compare them with previous workouts.

Finally, the app receives unfiltered data from Waterfi peripherals and utilizes algorithms I created to verify the accuracy of the data and make corrections where needed.

Swift | Xcode | Object Oriented Programming | MVC | GIT Version Control | BLE | Algorithms


Marketing/Operations Automations

My love for both efficient business processes and software development has often has led me to a love for task automation. 

I have frequently identified time wasting activities performed regularly by me or my teammates, and created automatic processes to improve the efficiency of a task, or eliminate it all-together.

PHP | SQL | Macros |Salesforce Apex, Flows, and Workflows | Linux/Shell Commands

API Integrations

Using primarily PHP and SQL, I created several API integrations in order to sync data from 3rd party services (such as Shipstation, Salesforce, etc) with Waterfi’s SQL database.  

These integrations allowed us to automate several company processes, and instantly deliver information from multiple platforms to our customer service and operations teams.



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